Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The other day I was working on my annual Laker blog, but it wasn't coming together. I was so frustrated and bitter about the whole Kobe Bryant situation that all I ended up with were blogs like "101 Reasons Why Kobe Will Never Win Another Championship," "What Really Happened That Night in Colorado," and "Screw Kobe: Trade His Multi-Millionaire Whining Ass, Then Lower Beer Prices at the Staples Center."

Before last night's home opener, I told my brother that no self-respecting Laker fan should cheer for the (alleged) rapist when he was introduced. So it was nice to see that most of the fans in LA last night were booing him as loudly as I was.

So long, Kobe. Have fun not winning a championship for whatever team you end up on.

I need something to cheer me up. How about the Evolution of Dance in only six minutes?

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