Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I've finally recovered after the Lakers loss in the finals a coupla weeks ago. Honestly, I wasn't as bummed as I should've been. Sure, it sucks losing to the hated Celtics, but if you would've told me at the start of the season the Lakers would be two games away from winning the championship, I would've called you an idiot. And I would've used most, if not all, of Mr. Carlin's seven words in doing so (RIP, George. I always loved your work, especially your breakdown of football and baseball).

The Lakers amazing playoff run was what poker players call a freeroll. This is when you can't lose a hand -- it's a tie, but you still have a shot to win. This normally happens in hold em when you and your opponent have the same starting hand (for example, Ace-King), but the board has flush cards and they match your hand. You both have ace high, but now you're freerolling because you can win by hitting the flush. In other words, you can't lose. Got it?

The Lakers were freerolling this postseason. Seriously, after Kobe asking to be traded and Buss confirming that they were shopping Kobe, anything other than a trade or an early playoff exit was a win for us Laker fans. But to go all the way to the finals without our best big man in Bynum? That's a freeroll, my friends. Yes, the Lakers lost, but after the offseason and early season turmoil, this team is ready to begin yet another dynasty for the Greatest Franchise in All Sports. Boston was lucky to win their title this year cuz now they're gonna go another 20 years until they show up in the finals again (unless Kevin McHale stays in Minnesota for another 20 years and "trades" his best player to the Celtics again).

Thanks to all of my friends who emailed/texted/called with their condolences. You like me, you really like me! And major props to the lady who cheered me up by sending a photo of her cleavage. That helped me forget about the Lakers loss for two minutes ... although it might've been three.

Another thing that helped me get over this season: The Girls of Stare. This is the Greatest. Show. Ever. I'm going out on a limb here, but I think this will sweep the Emmys (preview below).