Friday, October 19, 2007


During my weekly poker game, it can be a real gabfest, as long as it's not during the hand being played. Usually, it's a poker-related or politically incorrect joke, but sometimes a juicy bit of gossip will get us going like a bunch of Chatty Cathy dolls. There are two women who are regulars in the game, but it's usually the guys who chat like it's a damn sewing circle.

The other day someone mentioned that he went to the same high school as Jessica Alba. He graduated the year she was a freshman and before she became The Jessica Alba. We all did our best Wayne-and-Garth "We're Not Worthy" bit before getting back to the cards.

Not much point to this story, except it gives me an excuse to post Miss Alba's scene from Sin City. Call me crazy, but I thought she deserved an Oscar for this performanc.

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