Saturday, August 30, 2008


I've been outta school for awhile, but every year around this time, I'm studying like I've got a final the next morning in a class I just bought the book for. Unfortunately, this has much more dire consequences: I'm getting ready for my annual fantasy football draft.

It's non-stop fun scurrying around the internet trying read every little news update on players who I had no idea existed. By the time I make it to the draft and pound the traditional beer and partake of other, uh, party favors, all of the knowledge I've accumulated by then is gone.

I consider my draft a success if I:

1. Have all of my starting positions filled. Nothing says "bad draft" like getting to the last round and realizing you're missing a starting WR.

2. None of my fellow owners have heckled any of my picks too badly. Bonus points if I get to heckle others.

3. I am completely faded and ready for the traditional after-draft poker game.

Number 3 is a given, so wish me luck in getting points 1 and 2 taken care of.

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